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Jansim Registered Border Terriers

Our Philosophy

An introduction to our approach to the breed and breeding

Notre Philosophie

Une introduction à notre approche face à cette race et à notre programme d'élevage.

Roll Call

Border Terriers owned, co-owned, bred by, or carrying the Jansim Reg'd kennel name from 1980 to the present

Why a Border Terrier?

Pourquoi un Border Terrier?

Future Litters

Please note that we breed very conservatively and very carefully, our puppies are usually spoken for long before the breeding even takes place. However, we are always happy to refer prospective puppy people to other responsible breeders

Know what you are getting into:

Sample Puppy Contract

Échantillon du contrat de vente d'un chiot (en anglais)

Sample Stud Contract

Échantillon du contrat d'utilisation d'un mâle pour accouplement (en anglais)

"The Jansim Jottings"

A fun and factual place for members, friends and followers of the extended Jansim "family"
drop by for a visit and browse our news page, brag pages and more.

Recommended Reading:

The Border Terrier in Brief
A factual description of our beloved breed - the good and the not so good points

Ce qu'est un Border Terrier
Une description réaliste de cette race qui nous tient tant à coeur - ses qualités et ses p'tits défauts

Finding a Finding a reputable Border Terrier Breeder
(English flyer)

Trouver un éleveur de Border Terriers responsable
(French flyer)

The BTCA Ethical Standard
A useful resource to help in evaluating a breeder

Researching the Breed
Another useful resource that will guide you to a wealth of information.

Border Terriers Today by Anne Roslin-Williams

Earthdog Ins and Outs: (Second Edition) Guiding Natural Instincts
for Success in Earthdog Tests and Den Trials
by Jo Ann Frier-Murza

Important Resources:

Canadian Border Terrier Welfare

Border Terrier Canada

Border Terrier Club of America